Search Engine Optimization Services (SEO / SEM / SMO)

Search Engine Optimization Services

SEO Execution:

Processes :

  • Optimization data creation
  • Existing content optimization (revising the existing content)

The Optimization data creation will consist of complete details of the on-page optimization that is to be carried out on all the pages of the website. This includes title tags, meta tags, keyword tag content optimization, image alt-text, file/directory name optimization, title attributes, etc.

This phase will also include creation of customized 404 error page, optimized sitemap, and submissions using Google Sitemap.

SEO Implementation:

Processes :

  • SEO implementation execution (carried out by the development team)
  • Implementation of changes, if any.


Website will be completely monitored from the date of completion of the Execution step

Processes :

Scope of Works :

1. Site Analysis

  • Website analysis.
  • Competitor analysis.
  • Keyword analysis.

2. On-Page Optimization

3. Off-Page Optimization

Search Engine Optimization Services (SEO / SEM / SMO)

Search Engine Optimization Services

These are one of the main objectives we are focusing on in order of importance, if you want to add, delete, or change any objectives please let me know so we can adjust the project accordingly.

    • Develop a website that attracts customers via ‘natural’ search engine marketing name SEO.
  • Develop a website that encourages customers to take an action.

SEO activities will focus on Increase Web Traffic and increase in Online Lead Share.

    • Increase Traffic.
  • Conversion to sales/sign-ups/leads/orders.

SEO Consultant and Web Marketing Specialist

Over 5 years of rich professional experience in Product, Web-Marketing (SEO) & Banking from leading professional firms in India with a track record of Success and Profit Driven Solutions.

SEO Process

The SEO process will be carried out in following steps. Details of each step are given below:

Step 1: SEO Analysis – Evaluation & Planning

Step 2: SEO Execution

Step 3: SEO Implementation

Step 4: SEO Monitoring

Results & Conclusion

Marketing your website can increase sales and leads to your business. You would be proud to be involved in this project as we feel confident that we are qualified to fulfill every need required to complete this project in a professional and time bound schedule. We are committed to meeting the search engine optimization & positioning needs of your website and business. Our goal is to meet your SEO outsourcing needs thoroughly and professionally by doing it right the first time with assurance of cost advantage as SEO Consultant.

SEO Services in e-Go Technologies


    Meta Tag Optimization

    Title Tag changes

    Alt Tags implementation

    Content Optimization

    Internal link

    Robot.txt file inclusion

    Sitemap creation and structuring

    Header tags

    Meta Tags

    URL Re-direction

    Content Optimization

    Internal Linking

    HTML Validation

    Fixing broken links

    Image Optimization

    Sitemap.xml file

    Urllist.txt file

    Social Bookmarking promotion

    Press releases promotion

    Social Networking promotion

    Images promotion

    Classifieds promotion

    Video promotion

    Theme/Geo specific sites submissions

    Article Promotion

    Blog / forum commenting

    RSS Feed syndication

    PPT / PDF promotion

    General directory submissions